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Refund Policy

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Fee Refund Schedule

Under the Tuition Protection Service (TPS) framework, students are entitled to a refund under the provision of the ESOS Act 2000 and ESOS Regulations 2001 in the following circumstances.

Fee refund schedule

Visa refusal prior to commencement date 100% refund less non-refundable administration fee of $200
Collins Institute of Australia cancels the course prior to commencement date 100% refund.
Withdrawal 29 days before to the commencement date 80% refund of tuition fees less non-refundable administration fee of $200**
Withdrawal less than 28 days before to commencement date 0% refund of tuition fees
If a student is refused a visa and the reason for the refusal is:

  • Did not start the course at the location on the agreed starting day or
  • Withdraws from the course at that location or
  • Did not pay the course fees due.
  • Collins Institute of Australia terminates a student’s enrolment because of a failure to comply with Collins Institute of Australia’s policies, unsatisfactory academic progress, or attendance.
  • If a student is in breach of their student visa conditions.
  • If a student has supplied incorrect, false, or misleading information.
No refund
Withdrawal after the commencement date No refund
Visa refusal after the course commencement Non-tuition fees will not be refunded. However,

  • For ELICOS course, tuition fees will be refunded from the day of the student default as per Section 7 of the ESOS Act (Calculation of Refund) Specifi cation 2014. The student will be refunded the weekly tuition fees multiplied by the number of weeks the student is in default.
  • For VET course, fees will not be refunded.
Compulsory Health Insurance (Student Visa holders only) Refer to OSHC provider
Airport Pick-up Full Refund if service is cancelled prior to flight arrival

Refund Procedure – Student Default

  • Assess your request fairly and in accordance with the Fees and Refunds Policy and Procedures.
  • Issue you with the decision in writing, using the Notice of Refund Decision letter within 10 working days of receipt of the Refund Application Form.
  • If the refund was approved, detail how the refund was calculated and issue the refund within 10 working days of providing the outcome to the students.
  • If the refund was not approved, explain the reason for the decision and your right to lodge an appeal of the decision within 20 working days of the date of the Notice of Refund Decision letter, in accordance with Collins Institute of Australia’s Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedures.
  • Require you to accept the decision in writing and give you a copy of the decision for your records.
  • Maintain our records of the decision, the acceptance and any refunds paid to you for at least 2 years after you ceases to be an accepted student.

Refund Procedure – Provider Default

The tuition fee will be refunded in full in any cases of provider default:

  • Automatically issue a refund within 10 working days to students who have enrolled and paid their enrolment fee and term fee and the course is cancelled prior to commencement.
  • Automatically issue a refund to students within 10 working days where the course has commenced but is cancelled.
  • Notify students to whom refunds are automatically issued in writing using the Notice of Refund Decision. Ask students to provide/confirm contact details for themselves/their nominated recipient and provide banking details for their nominated recipient, if Collins Institute of Australia does not already have this information.
  • Make payment of refund to nominated account as appropriate.